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1st Annual Irrational MLB Prediction Blog

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Welcome back ASB fans (we’re still working on a name to call you wonderful people) to the best blog in the damn land!  It’s your favorite, and probably your only, El Paso blogger, Josele! 

Let’s take a minute to thank our Supreme Leader Trey on keeping this site running, we literally couldn't do this without him………. There we go that’s our obligatory Trey thanking segment of the day, now back to our regularly schedule programming.

Today’s blog is carefully crafted and designed to help you wonderful readers understand one bloggers thoughts about the MLB Postseason.  However, for those of you who know and the readers who don’t but soon will, I am not what someone will call a rational man.  So may I proudly present to you the first annual Irrational MLB Postseason Prediction Blog.

Because baseball is a wonderful sport and it takes forever to complete, we’ll be tackling this one round at a time. 

AL Wild Card Game

October 3

  The first matchup of the Postseason might have many people wanting to not even tune in because everybody and their dog thinks that the Yankees are gonna steam roll their way right past the Twins and into their impending matchup with the Indians.  Most people might think that the Twins stink because they’ve been irrelevant for so long. But our Supreme Leader Trey thinks that the Twins are gonna sneak by the Yankees and be able to pull off the upset and leave those poor soulless money grubbing Yankees crying in their seats come October 3rd.  Folks, I don’t know how else to say it other than Trey is flat out WRONG.  He uses things like “stats” and “logic” to try and determine the outcome of this game.  WELL I DON’T LIKE LOGIC.  Look, the fact of the matter is that Yankees have so much swag coming out of their pants and quite frankly it’s too much for the Twins to handle.  Aaron Judge and his group of over-celebratory prima donnas are going to wax the floor with the Twins whom I can only name one player off their roster and he’s not that swaggy (Byron Buxton).

    Yankees-8 Twins-2

NL Wild Card Game

October 4

  Second game on the slate is far more interesting, at least in this blogger’s opinion.  It features the Arizona Diamondbacks hosting the Colorado Rockies.  Right off the bat, sports fans are getting a treat as we finally get to see Nolan Arenado in the postseason, which I for one cannot be more excited about. He is the ultimate reason as to why the Rockies are going to murder Supreme Leader Trey’s postseason hopes and dreams.  Arenado is a baaaaad man and not to mention probably the NL’s MVP.  We here at All Sports Best (by we I mean me and me alone) put our certified guarantee that the Rockies are going to win this game!

    Rockies-5 DBacks-3

ALDS Astros vs. Red Sox

October 5-11

  In the words of Bill Burr… “THIS IS WHAT WE PLAY FOR!!”  This matchup is by far and away the best matchup of the entire postseason.  Being from Texas, technically, I am inclined to root for the Astros, not only are they a feel good story, what with them recovering from the Hurricane tragedy, but they’re just a fun group to root for.  The Boston Red Sox on the other hand, might just be the swaggiest team in the entire league.  I am man enough and secure enough to admit that I have a gigantic man-crush on Andrew Benintendi.  His flowing locks of magnificent hair just might be enough to get them past the crushing Astros. But one thing that his hair can’t fix is the team’s ability to put together some consistent games.  The entire team is about as consistent as my jokes on this blog.  Houston cruises past Boston in this series.

NLDS Nationals vs. Cubs

October 6-12

  The final matchup that I’ll be irrationally predicting pits the stupid Washington Nationals (I’m a Braves fan) against the stupid Chicago Cubs (I’m a human being so I wanted them to lose last year).  Honestly, I hate both of these teams so much that I might not watch any of this series.  But since it is now my sworn duty (shh I swore to myself) that I would provide you lovely people with a prediction blog, I will valiantly predict this stupid series.  On one hand, we have the now experienced Cubs and all of their “quirky” “cool” things that the “totally awesome” Joe Maddon does to potentially get them through this series against the powerhouse Nationals.  Kris Bryant and his perfect bone structure will have to do a whole lot to be able to get past this Washington club that is built for long term postseason success.  I’ve said all the nice things I can say about the Cubs.  Look, the fact of the matter is that the Cubs just flat out STINK.  Top to bottom, both lineups and pitching staffs, the Nationals are head and shoulders better than the Cubs.  That would be the logical way of looking at it.  Looking at it from an irrational point of view, as dumb as Dusty Baker is in his managerial sense, Joe Maddon sucks and is a try hard.  Bryce Harper has swag dripping out of his locks of hair and him and his gang of goons should make quick work of DA CUBS.  Nationals by a 1000.

That concludes this blog of Irrationality.  Tune in to the rest of the predictions I’ll be putting out as this MLB Postseason continues.  JD out!