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Irrational NFL Recap Week 7

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Another “glorious” week in the NFL has gone by.  That was week 7.  Let that sink in folks.  We’re almost halfway through the NFL regular season! That’s absolutely crazy, especially since it seems like just yesterday that I had hopes and aspirations of the Packers tying it all together, figuring it out, and getting to the Super Bowl this year. Once again, the NFL has managed to surprise us by not surprising us at all, paradoxical - I’m aware. Let’s recap the main points of the league this week:

Amari Cooper goes to work as #4 Derek Carr gets hyped up. (via

Amari Cooper goes to work as #4 Derek Carr gets hyped up. (via

Chiefs (30) @ Raiders (31): What a matchup, what a game that actually lived up to the hype.  Most people had written off the Raiders but ol’ gunslinging Carr destroyed the Kansas City defense by hitting Amari Cooper for what seemed like a bajillion yards.  I love football!

Bucs (27) @ Bills (30):  These teams are on my guilty pleasures list as I love to watch both of them and their incredible ability to seem incompetent on the field. Plot twist this season though, the Bucs are better than their record and the Bills are somewhat legit on defense. I (once again) love football!

Ravens (L), Colts (L), Browns (L), 49ers (L), Broncos (L), Giants (L), Cardinals (L), Bengals (L), Panthers (L), Bears (W), Titans (W):  All of the teams listed above make me question whether or not the football gods (Ditka and Lombardi) even actually care about us, the fan. The aforementioned teams are all so unbelievably bad, even the ones who won their game. Like really, the Bears and Titans shouldn’t even feel good about the wins they had. I know a win is a win, but by the name of Mike Ditka’s mustache, do they look horrible out there! Every single quarterback from the teams mentioned above is HOT GARBAGE. THEY STINK! I was flipping through NFL Sunday Ticket and I stopped and gasped when I saw that Mitchell Trubisky had only thrown 7 passes in a win.  7….passes….in a win. The Colts, Ravens, and Broncos are all so irrelevant that I legitimately forgot they were real franchises.  

Jets (28) @ Dolphins (31):  Meh, who cares.

Saints (26) @ Packers (17):  I opened this blog by stating that I had hopes and dreams of the Packers playing up to their potential and making a Super Bowl. I truly believe that any given year, Aaron Rodgers can win it all. Reality has pulled me back in and punched me in the face. Seeing Brett Hundley’s pitiful stat line, from this past week really hurt as I watched New Orleans stomp all over my beloved green and yellow heart.

The LA Rams are really digging the new landscape. #Winning (via

The LA Rams are really digging the new landscape. #Winning (via

Rams (W), Jaguars (W), Steelers (W):  What, you want me to write something about how these teams are good (it seems they're playing their best ball right now) and they’re gonna ride the wave of momentum into the playoffs? Alright, I’ll concede the fact that the Rams defense is pretty legit but I’m not going to take them seriously until they sell out their stadium. The Jacksonville Jaguar social media team made me like them a lot by changing their name momentarily to #Sacksonville….. my small brain thinks that’s awesome. And the Steelers, well I have to hate Le’Veon Bell because he destroyed my fantasy team this week. BOOOOOO that man!

Seahawks (W), Patriots (W):  The Patriots to me are the still the best coached, quarterbacked, and overall team. Their defense is getting better, and by better I mean they're going from atrocious to watchable. Oh yeah, and they have Tom Brady. Could you imagine a more favorable situation for them? You probably could, but if you do that you’re just a hater. As for the Seahawks, I have something to confess. I am contractually obligated as a member of Packer nation to forever hate the Seahawks. Since I’m a good soldier, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll continue to hate Russell Wilson's stupid face (that has been concussed too many times) and his refusal to admit that his own branded Concussion Water isn’t a thing. Russell will forever be a dweeb and a loser and I hate him. Loser, go back to throwing interceptions and blaming them on God and not your complete lack of awareness. *shots fired*

"Ginger Jesus" prepares for another W in Philly. (via

"Ginger Jesus" prepares for another W in Philly. (via

Redskins (24) @ Eagles (34):  The Washington Redskins will forever be that team who is stuck in no man’s land. Which sucks because I actually like Kirk Cousins. Oh well, back to crippling mediocrity for them while the Eagles and Ginger Jesus (that’s Carson Wentz to you non-believing gentiles) continue to dominate the NFL. Literally, they’re dominating. They have the best record in the NFL. If you would’ve told me at the beginning of the season that the Eagles would have one loss through week 7, I would’ve laughed directly in your face and called you an idiot. Well now, I’m all in on the Eagles. ALL ABOARD THE WENTZ WAGON!

Chargers (W):  I guess I’ll write something about the Chargers since I don’t feel like getting chirped at by you wonderful readers of this great site. I don’t have much to say on them other than I hate Philip Rivers and think he is one of the most overrated, horrendous, weird-throwing, stupid-faced QBs out there. That is all.

That concludes this weeks recap of the stupid NFL that I will continue to watch since I don’t have a real life. I love sports too much. Buy some merch! Come back next week for my irrational takes and opinions on the NFL after another week of action. Tune into the All Sports Best podcast for all of our opinions! Follow me on Twitter @diazjosele10 and interact with me, I’ll definitely respond!