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Hype Playlist Pt. 1

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I'm excited to bring you the next big thing in ASB blogging! I will be listing off the top five hip-hop "bangers" that will get you out of your seat and ready to get things done. Now, (to clarify the purpose of this list) anyone who lends their ears to this music can get live to it.  It is not just for athletes. I mean, we totally encourage you to bump this music in your car, living room, or office. Heck, it's all about "GSD" aka "Gettin' Shit Done," so you might as well turn the volume up in the bathroom.

Now, you know it's tough to narrow all music to just a top five list, so to be more specific, this list is going to be composed of jams from this year. I will hit you with a 90s and 00s list real soon, so make sure your checking back and following us on social media...

WARNING: The following links are not suitable for work and have strong language.

#5. Mask Off - Future

This song will have you feeling like you can dunk like #0. (Via

This song will have you feeling like you can dunk like #0. (Via

This song has lasted most of the year and is known for its smooth beat letting hip-hop lovers everywhere know that a flute can take part in a good head bob.  Future seems to always find a way to have a hit jam land on everyone's locker room playlist, at one point or another, every year.  Oh, and don't forget when the reigning NBA MVP, Russell Westbrook, did his "Mask Off" performance during pregame warmups last season. Hard to beat a song that "The Brodie" got hype to.

Favorite Line: "Top off, that's a liability. Hit the gas, boostin' my adrenaline." (Just try not to get pulled over because of this song.)

#4. Bad And Boujee - Migos (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Whether you jammed this song or one of Migos' many songs this year, you definitely recognize this title. Bad And Boujee was blasted in cars and headphones alike all year long, you simply couldn't have avoided it.  Yes, yes, the lyrics are always questionable by Lil Uzi Vert, regardless - you know that this beat ups your speed on a workout. No doubt. 

Favorite Line: "Cry me a river, give you a tissue." (Migos has no time for competition.)

#3. Rockstar - Post Malone (Feat. 21 Savage)

Cam Newton probably has this on his list. (Just sayin') (Via

Cam Newton probably has this on his list. (Just sayin') (Via

This song doesn't mess around from the beginning.  No, you won't play this for your 5th grade Boys & Girl's Club team, but that should be obvious by now.  Post Malone is murdering the music industry with every song, performance, and twitter post he uploads. It's not fair.  Get ready for a reason to close your eyes and imagine the rockstar life with Posty and 21. Believe me, the beat behind this song made it hard to keep rockstar out of the top two. My only question is why does 21 Savage have a 12-car garage when he in fact only has six cars...?

Favorite Line: "Sweeter than a Pop-Tart. You know you are not hard!" (Yikes, calling an opponent soft and sweet is what puts the "savage" in 21 Savage.)

#2. Win - Tee Grizzley

This beat makes you want to put five plates on the bar and do a set of 800 reps on bench. If that doesn't make you want to put this on your playlist, don't worry, Tee Grizzley's flow takes care of everything else.  LeBron James works out to this jam. That is not a typo, I said LEBRON JAMES.  Don't you want to be the GOAT?! Good answer. Throw this on the hype playlist.

Favorite Line: "Used to order Wendy's fries, bring a shake wit' that. Now it's Benihana rice, put some steak on that." (We're all just trying to live the dream, right? Eat your steak Tee!)

#1. DNA. - Kendrick Lamar

That's one big, scary man... (Via )

That's one big, scary man... (Via

All I really had to put here was Kendrick Lamar.  You know the name. You know the flow.  This is information is not hard to understand.  DNA. is insane because the music is incredible, but the message is what gets you wanting to do head-to-head hitting drills with James Harrison.  Mix steroids and pre-workout powder with redbull and this is what you'll get. What's in your DNA?!

Favorite Line: "My DNA not for imitation. Your DNA an abomination." (His hard hitting verses are unbeatable. There is seriously no one like Kendrick.)