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Me vs Steelers

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Let me start off this blog article by letting you know that I am, in fact, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Last night, the Steelers took on the New England Patriots in a heated battle. It is safe to say that this game was one of the most anticipated games of the weekend. Well, it was great...but not for fans in yellow and black. 

Look, I'll keep this short. The whole game was pretty darn close, but but my issue takes place in the 4th quarter solely. I know what other fans are going to say: "but Trey, Antonio Brown was out..."  or "Gronk should have been suspended longer," but the fact of the matter is that they should have won! Forget how good Tom Brady is in the clutch, Pittsburgh let me down. With one stop to make, up by 8 points, we couldn't slow down the Pats despite a tipped Brady passed that had "interception" written all over it. Now, I don't want to pin it on one play, so let me also highlight the fact that the black and yellow didn't key in on Rob Gronkowski in crunch time. Not acceptable.

I have to mention the fact that after having a very productive 4th quarter, the Steelers' offense couldn't even grab a first down with three minutes left on the the clock to waste time.  Yes, I know that it is a professional defense, but you can't scrape together anything to help your cause? Tom Brady is clutch in the final quarter, but that doesn't excuse the lack of pressure that was put on him.  I'm not going to knock the defense completely, so this one is on the offense for giving him so much time. 

Can't be upset with the way Bell is playing. He is running like an animal! (via

Can't be upset with the way Bell is playing. He is running like an animal! (via

The hardest part to watch was the finish.  JuJu Smith-Schuster made a great play for about 70 yards, with less than a minute left. Fans couldn't ask for anything better with the clock ticking, but then the NFL officials decided to play.  Big Ben hit Jesse James right down the middle of the field on the one-yard line. This is where things get heated.  James came down with the ball (his knees touch the ground) and then he stretched out for the touchdown and the ball came loose.  Touchdown right?! Wrong. The officials ruled it a no-catch.

This is the play that inspired this blog article. You make your own decision on this... (via

This is the play that inspired this blog article. You make your own decision on this... (via

Maybe the officials did their job (doubt it but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt). If that is the case, then the rule is garbage! If a man runs and dives into the end zone (untouched) and fumbles the ball it doesn't matter, it's still a touchdown.  Why can't a player catch the ball, come down, then make a play on the end zone? It only seems logical that these two plays would fall under the same category.  He wasn't touched by another player and he secured the catch all the way down to his knees.  I was not happy with his call, but the truth is that the Steelers had multiple chances to win this game (or tie it with a field goal instead of forcing a pass in the final play). I am done with the NFL - be sure to catch some of this rant on the next show...

By the way, losing $10 to @diazjosele10 didn't make me feel any better. I hope your favorite team had better luck! 

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