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Introducing Josele Diaz

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Welcome to All Sports Best! This is my very informal yet at the same time incredibly formal introduction to the readers and fans of All Sports Best.  My name is Josele Diaz (JD for short) and I am an incredibly average dude.  Just to start, a quick rundown of who I am and what I’m all about.  

I first met the great founder / chairman / CEO / Supreme Ruler while at New Mexico State University.  I was the equipment manager / director of baseball operations / gopher for the NMSU baseball team.  Trey got there and while he was battling for a spot on the roster, I came to know him and his great sense of humor.  One thing that I always admired about Trey was his ability to keep any situation light, which I came to love and ever since, we hit it off like best friends and we plan to take over the world together at some point, no big deal.

I am just a dude from El Paso who loves to watch sports (a little too much) and I honestly can’t get enough.  I love the NFL RedZone channel because it’s like an IV of football straight to my veins.  I love the MLB Network because I am mainlining baseball for a solid 8 months.  I love the NBA Network because I love watching Chauncey Billups highlights from 10 years ago.  I love the NHL Network, Golf Channel, etc because I friggin love sports.  Naturally, Trey asked me to be a contributor to the website (buy a hat, shirt, sticker, etc.) because of my incredible knowledge (just kidding, I’m not that smart) of sports.  I love watching all these athletes live out their dream and challenging themselves and pushing their body to the limits, and then redefining those limits.  It’s great and I can’t get enough of it.  

HOWEVAH (Stephen A. Smith voice)

Let me introduce you into the world of Josele’s irrational disdain.  Kevin Durant, that spineless, coward, can now be labeled as the most insecure superstar in the world.  After he disappeared and blew a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals (people forget that) to Steph Curry and his band of 3 point sharpshooters, he timidly tucked his tail and pulled the ultimate “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” move and ripped out the heart of an entire city.  People from OKC now, rightfully so, despise him.  Then he not only tried to bury the haters with his play (to his credit which was really good), he just couldn’t help himself and decided to put out a line of shoes that said all the mean things that hurt his feelings on the shoes themselves and then put his stats over all the insults.  SAWFT.  Then in a stunning (not stunning at all) turn of events, it turns out that Kevin Durant, has a bunch of burner Twitter accounts so that he can scour the Twitterverse and defend himself from all the people saying “mean things” about him.  DUDE, BE BETTER!  It’s honestly laughable how SAWFT of a move that is.  

Anyway, that’s me and a little bit about me.  Feel free to tell me how good I am or how badly I suck, all the while laughing at my expense on my Twitter @diazjosele10 and then go tweet mean things about Kevin Durant so he can cry some more.  

Thanks for reading, please come back to the site!