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Pats Win!...Again

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Okay, it’s a week before Super Bowl LII, but I have the future on lock – so here are the results and your next version of “A Look Into The Future!”

Oh yes, the Philidelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots at the beautiful field of U.S. Bank Stadium. It was quite the experience, definitely not one that you would want to miss as a spectator and if you have a Super Bowl party planned, don’t cancel plans.

Give Both Teams Credit...

Let me start off by saying that I must give both teams credit for some of the things that they had to overcome throughout the season.  An obvious blow to the Eagles’ chances at success came at the devastation of Carson Wentz’s season-ending knee injury. This changed everything. It took a top-seeded Philadelphia team from their highest of highs, and shoved them into an underdog role throughout the playoffs. Sure, they embraced it – but goodness gracious, how often do you see that happen?!

For the Pats, well, take a look at their injury report.  It does not look good. Their two stars have put the team on high alert from their recent injuries.  Tom Brady’s throwing hand injury seemed to have little to no effect on his performance against the Jags in the Conference Championship, but you know that hungry defensive players are always looking for a weakness in their opponent.  The obvious New England scare are the doubts surrounding Rob Gronkowski’s chances to play.  After getting smacked in the head on an incomplete pass, he was taken out last week. Be on the lookout for his game time status.

Okay, here we go, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

1st Quarter

Fire away! (Via

Fire away! (Via

The Eagles come out of the gate with the energy that everyone was expecting from a team that has been wearing German Shepard masks to depict how they embrace the “underdog” mentality.  Nick Foles throws an easy touchdown pass to put this team on the board first.  For the most part, this quarter is a warmup to the pressure of its magnitude. Patriots push up the field and finish the quarter within 30 yards of the end zone when the quarter ends. 

7-0 Eagles

2nd Quarter

Pats put points on the board. (Via

Pats put points on the board. (Via

Brady can’t finish the drive with a touchdown, so they settle for a field goal. Eagles keep the momentum and Jay Ajayi makes a key reception and takes the ball down to the redzone within the first 3 plays of their drive. Philly struggles to move the ball, they kick it for 3. Patriots get the ball back only to lose it to a fumble by Dion Lewis, but Philly can’t carry the momentum into the end zone. They finish the second quarter with yet another field goal. 

13-3 Eagles


Watch out for this performance, as JT blew off the lid in Minnesota! I bet you didn’t expect to see Janet Jackson after their past on this stage... Regardless, it was quite the show! Don’t worry, commercials have stepped their game up since last year. It only makes sense, especially considering their most recent price tag! Get up. Use the restroom. Load up your plate, because the second half is a must watch.

3rd Quarter

Cooks sees the ball in... (Via

Cooks sees the ball in... (Via

Okay, now we get to see some smash mouth football. Whatever each team went over in the locker room at half, it paid off for the fans. The fact that the whole season has come down to this moment clicks in both teams’ mentality. Hard hits and hits that could be considered late highlight this quarter. Patriots come out hot with an easy touchdown in the air to Brandin Cooks. Did the Pats put on for the spectators just to keep it close? We’ll see. Eagles respond with yet another field goal, but then things get chippy. Eagles take the ball back after just two offensive plays. An interception that was uncharacteristic of Tom Brady, gave the Eagles the edge toward the final moments of the 3rd Quarter. They snag another field goal just before the 4th. 

19-10 Eagles

4th Quarter

Oh baby! This is what it’s all about! Down by 9 points means almost nothing to the greatness that is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Brady comes out firing away and is able to plow down the field using both ground and air evenly and they score a big rushing touchdown to tighten up the score. Eagles get the ball back and give a good 40 yard punch but while facing a 4th down and short they decide to go for it and the refs take spotlight. They go to the chain gang for a measurement and a pretty close call (that looks like a clear 1st) goes the Pats way and they get the ball on downs. 

Now, the Eagles are on their heels with Brady in the driver’s seat. They burn clock for a bit, and then break for a big run and score soon afterward, though they can only scrape together a field goal. Advantage Patriots. Eagles have a good chance to make it work, but with limited time on the clock they resort to their passing game. Foles is pushing the ball well, but one minor mistake and the ball is intercepted in what looks to be a foot slightly out of bounds. It is ruled inconclusive and the Pats kneel out the clock. Ball game. 

Brady comes up big once again. History is made! (Via

Brady comes up big once again. History is made! (Via

20-19 Patriots

Post-Game Thoughts

It should be no surprise that the referees had a few close calls. You will hear plenty of scenarios in the media regarding what should’ve or could’ve happened, but the fact of the matter is that Brady simply wanted it more. Yes, the passionate (slightly insane) Eagles fans put their faith into this season like no other, but sometimes just being obnoxious for a full season doesn’t do the trick.

Tom Brady is named Super Bowl 52 MVP. It is no surprise, though it could’ve been given to a handful of players. He was somewhat grandfathered into the award. His history and grit speaks for itself. 

To many fans surprise, Tom Brady retires during his post-game press conference widely known as the greatest to ever do it. He would like to focus on his family and feels as though he has done all that he set out to do. Brady and your Super Bowl Champions ride off into the sunset.


Better luck next year, Eagles!