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ASB Recap on the 2019 National Championship Game

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I’m back!

As a lot of you were aware, the National Championship game took place on Monday night.

I wouldn’t really call it a game so much as a good ole fashioned butt whooping. Clemson absolutely DUSTED the almighty Alabama 44-16.

Clemson did pretty much what they did all year. However, nobody noticed because Alabama was doing the same thing and they were getting all the press.

In our ASB group text, we were asked by Supreme Leader Trey to give our predictions for the game. Danny didn’t give out a score, only that Clemson would pull off the upset and that Trevor Lawrence would make a name for himself (spoiler alert, he was right). Ruben predicted Alabama 24-14 (wrong). I predicted 37-33 Clemson (wrong score, but correct winner). Here’s where it gets interesting… Trey predicted a score so outlandish that obviously he didn’t mean it (although I think he did) that Dyllan agreed with him. Trey threw out the score Bama over Clemson 100-3.

Folks, I don’t think it’s possible for him to have been more wrong. Not only did he throw out that score, he followed it up by calling Clemson “another forgotten team that Bama blasts.” A pretty wild take to have, but folks, that’s why they call him Supreme Leader Trey. (I’m pretty sure no one calls him that, only me.)

Watching the game, I was stunned as to how open the Tiger receivers were getting, how quick the defenders were closing in on Alabama offensive playmakers, how much better Clemson was over Alabama. It was beautiful to watch. Every Clemson defensive playcall was like football porn. Brett Venables, the Clemson defensive coordinator, put together a perfect game plan and it showed. I mean it was just a total beatdown.

As far as the game is concerned, there really isn’t much to talk about. No big deal, but I took Clemson +5.5 points so I was sweating the spread for about 1 quarter of football. Not to brag, but I totally called it ;)

I was reading online all the different reasons as to why Alabama stunk and people from all reaches of the internet were REACHING. I saw one Alabama fan on Twitter said “God wants us to give a few other teams something to cheer about.” Yeah uh huh sure buddy, whatever helps you sleep at night.

There were a multitude of factors that could have come into play as to why Alabama got beat so badly. Perhaps it was bad preparation on Saban’s part. Perhaps it was lack of hustle on the player’s part. Perhaps Tua’s dad beat him so hard with the belt that it affected his throwing motion and that’s why he got picked off so badly. But those are all very unlikely. I think the real reason that they got beat so bad is very clear.


The Drake curse lives on. It is back and it is STRONG. Your boy from the 6 is a walking billy goat curse. Honestly, that’s what he gets. You can’t just go switching from team to team to team and pretend that everything is perfect in the sports world. There’s a reason people hate bandwagoners. At this point, you just can’t respect a move like that. Unless @champagnepapi puts on his IG tomorrow a picture of him in a Clemson shirt. That’s such a bold move that theres no choice but to respect it.

To wrap this all up, Carlsbad stinks at predicting scores and El Paso very clearly knows what it’s talking about. Ain’t that right Danny?? ;)

Sorry to the ASB audience for our prolonged hiatus… a sabbatical if you will. As some of you may or may not know, I started working for the Sun Bowl as a part time marketing assistant. Not an excuse, but I would come home from work exhausted and go straight to sleep. Not to mention my computer is running as fast as a a 1986 Ford F-150 with 320,000 miles on it. Not an excuse, but just letting you know. We’ll start churning out blogs in no time while Danny and I get settled in again. We were a little busy during the holidays, real busy eating almost everything in sight haha. Well, I can only speak for myself on that one. People ask me “what did you get for Christmas?”


I got fat.