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Sunday was a difficult game for the Chicago Bears. Taking on the best team in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles seemed to overpower the Bears in every faucet of the game. The Bears simply seemed outmatched from the start. The only bright spot, was the Bears defense which caused some key takeaways, but the offense could not take advantage. Their performance made it difficult for Bears fans to withstand for an entire game. It was so bad that my Fox channel in west Texas, made the switch to Jets vs Panthers.

One thing that stood out was not a Bears play but rather a fan’s sign held in the end zone during Alshon Jeffery’s touchdown reception.

The sign was merely a clever “Firefox” internet logo held by a faithful Bears fan. By sheer luck, I discovered this Bears fan was connected to me. This hardcore Bears fan happens to be my cousin’s husband. As I do after every Bears game, I check social media to see what Bears beat writers have to say. As I was scrolling down, I noticed a ton of pictures and comments regarding the fan with the Firefox logo. Not thinking much about it, I turned to Facebook when I notice my cousin and husband were the fans who social media had been talking of. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to make his acquaintance before today, I had to reach out and ask him about his clever sign.

Here is the image that caught much attention. (Via

Here is the image that caught much attention. (Via

The man behind the sign is none other than 32-year-old, Edward French IV. Edward has been a devoted Bears fan all his life. He is the type of fan that could name all of the players on the current 53-man roster. Edward and I share the same type of passion for this Bears team and their future. As I have expressed in previous articles, I too agree with firing John Fox and look forward to the next head coach. I wanted to ask Edward some questions to gauge how he feels about this Bears organization and which direction he would like the team to take.

What was your reason behind displaying the Firefox sign and were you anticipating this type of attention?

” I wanted to gain visibility and start a movement to show that we, as Bears fans won’t accept this level of football for our great city of Chicago. My wife and I bought front row seats and did our best to put this out there. Ms. McCaskey shouldn’t accept his awful coaching. I feel bad for the players because I don’t want to disrespect them, I just want a winner in Chicago and we deserve it! I wasn’t anticipating this much attention, that’s for sure but couldn’t be happier about it.”

Other than the coaching staff, how do you feel about the current Bears players, especially the rookies?

“I feel great about Ryan Pace’s drafting and the young core we have. I think Pace messed up in Free Agency this year. I also think right now is a delicate time in Trubisky’s development and having the right coach in place is huge for him. I feel Fox is not the guy that develops QBs and he’s shown that. Neither him or our offensive coordinator, Dowell Loggains have put him in position for success or worked to his strengths on a consistent basis. The time is now for the kid and we need the coaching to be right."

So, would you be ok with the Bears front office firing Fox tomorrow? If so, what would you to see in terms of coaching for the remainder of the season?

“I’d fire immediately and let defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio take over, we have to see how the team responds. No reason to not see what someone could do with 5 games remaining. Seeing how much a coach can change your team is incredible, look at the Rams and Bills."

What coach would you like to see in Chicago next season?

“We have talent on this team. I’d like to see the Eagles Quarterbacks coach, John DeFilippo, he developed Wentz great in just his second year. I would also like to see Fangio as defensive coordinator, I like him."

Are you planning anymore Fire Fox initiatives or would you like other Bears fans to follow your lead?

“I probably won’t be attending any more games this year but I would like for other Bears fans to follow this initiative."

I enjoyed these responses as it gives you great insight into how Bears fans, like Edward think. We have grown tired of the same coaching mistakes week after week. The time has come for the Bears to gain the respectability they once had during the “Lovie Smith” era. Bears fans need a tough-minded coach who has his team ready to perform on a consistent basis and holds his team accountable.