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Baseball's Ending Is Open For Discussion

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I can’t give enough credit to the Boston Red Sox for their outstanding all-around season! 119 wins. Yes, you read that right. They won the third most games in history and dominated the postseason taking only 3 losses en route to a championship ring. Now, was the World Series pretty? Not by any means, but it did prove that this year’s MLB was shaped by outstanding pitching and perseverance no matter what.

2018 NFC Conference Preview

Danny Ramirez

Football is finally here! Thursday was the start of the regular season, when the Philadelphia Eagles  began their title defense against the Atlanta Falcons. Now that we got a glimpse of both teams, it's time to analyze all the other teams in this conference. As of right now, the Eagles, Saints, Vikings, and Packers seem to be the favorite to contend for a playoff spot, based on their performances last season. 

2018 AFC Conference Preview

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The NFL is one of the toughest leagues to predict due to the emergence of new contenders each season. Unlike the NBA, MLB, or NHL, each football game is pivotal. One loss/tie can determine whether a team plays in January or goes home.  Let's take a close look at each division and attempt to determine a division leader.