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ASB Follower Podcast

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#TeamASB dives into 7 questions we handpicked from our followers to answer on the show! We want to know what you think of our responses. Do you agree? Do you have a totally different take? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and we'll keep the conversation going. 

Big thanks to the followers that were selected: @anthony_armstrong_34 @abihowell_9 @mak_hand08 @kyle.s.martin @lexi.s522 @gavin_nies @sara.ali_74

People You Know on the 4th of July

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We all know the different kinds of people of 4th of July - is it your brother? Maybe you’re niece? Whoever it might be, you’ll be pointing the finger at someone on this episode! For the first time in a long time, we stepped away from sports and opened up a new brand of podcast style!

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Renee Montgomery of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream

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Renee Montgomery has had a great share of basketball success. From West Virginia she was recruited all around the country. She decided to go with the legendary UConn program and won a national championship before being drafted into the WNBA. She has won two WNBA Championships and currently plays for the Atlanta Dream. Now she has an awesome foundation and aspirations for another big career…

Suuuuper cool interview you won't want to miss!

Dodgers' Ross Stripling & The Big Swing's Cooper Surles

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We're happy to bring you the latest episode featuring The Big Swing podcast hosts Ross Stripling & Cooper Surles! We dive into how the podcast got started, what it's like to pitch for the LA Dodgers, wedding planning with just a few days to go, and much more! This is an episode you won't want to miss!

Both of these guys have a ton of chemistry on their show and you can feel that on this episode. Be sure to share with a Dodger fan for some added behind the camera information you won't get anywhere else!

Plate Crate's Josh Band

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Josh Band founded Plate Crate to fill a void in the subscription box industry and soon realized how strong the baseball community is! As a former ballplayer, he wanted to give players something to look forward to every month. One of the best things about Plate Crate is their ability to connect with the sport itself in a big way. Now that their crates have began featuring themes, they will keep you guessing on what's next.

Give this episode a listen for some fun content and an outstanding human being!

Gameday Food Battle

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Here's the scenario: You're at home getting ready to watch a big game with a few of your closest friends. What 3 foods are you gonna have ready to take down as the game happens? 

Trey and Ruben go head to head to pick up their top picks. We want to know what you think - who had the better list?

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NMSU Volleyball's Lia Mosher

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NMSU's middle blocker, Lia Mosher, has had her fair share of busy schedules. From school and volleyball to trying her hand at a second collegiate sport, Lia's experience is not your typical student-athlete story. She currently plays for a strong NM State volleyball team looking to do some real damage in 2019! Trey had a great time getting to learn more about her day-to-day, funny moment, and hidden talent that might surprise you!

Ray Jarrell of Half Rubber

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Half Rubber has been around for many years and has been trusted by professional athletes to improve hand-eye coordination and hitting. Ray has taken the family business and expanded it to kids and adults trying to have a little more fun! Coming to a store near you, Half Rubber is the ultimate game of fun and it doesn't require you to have a full baseball team to enjoy everything you love in baseball, softball, or wiffleball! Check out our podcast to learn how all of this came about and where it's headed next!

What’s Next for KD & Kyrie / Tyronn Lue Makes A Bad Life Choice / MLB Needs More Fun / Our Kentucky Derby Experience

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0:00 - 28:00 NBA Talk with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Tyronn Lue

28:00 - 41:00 How the MLB can spruce up their fanbase.

41:00 - 51:00 What we imagine our Kentucky Derby experience to be like...

We're pumped to bring you our latest podcast original! When we get a chance to throw it down in the studio, it is a blast. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it! Yes, Trey & Ruben are related but hardly agree - which side are you on...?

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PG Sports' Paul Guarino

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PG Sports has been doing big things! From keeping followers entertained to a professionally made podcast to some incredible merchandise, Paul Guarino really packs a punch. In this episode we cover all things PG Sports, Average to Savage Podcast, and dip into his background as an entrepreneur. Paul gives us some insight on the support and not-so-supportive feedback he has gotten over the years to help push him to accomplish what he has done so far.

Savannah Bananas Owner Jesse Cole

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Jesse Cole has been majorly successful in many different ways: speaking, writing, marketing, and owning teams. The coolest thing about his success, is the way that he creates it - differently! Jesse embodies the “Be Yourself” mentality and it has paid off greatly through time! From his bright yellow tuxedo to the Banana Nanas, he has never shied away from embracing what the people want. Be sure to catch our interview with one of Savannah’s best!

Cavegirl Jenny Munro

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Experience, knowledge, and skill - Jenny Munro has been starting for the Cavegirl Softball team since she was a freshman! It's no wonder she is a large part of this year's team leadership. As the Cavegirls gear up for their final few weeks of the year, Jenny sat down with ASB to discuss her year, some of her favorites, and what the future might hold. Don't miss out!

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Why Did Magic Quit?

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Magic Johnson announced on Wednesday that he has stepped down as the Lakers' President of Basketball Operations. Why did he quit? What's next for the Lakers? Is the coaching staff going to stick around? 

Find out what we think on this week's 13-minute original episode of All Sports Best!

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El Paso Locomotive FC's Memo Diaz

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2019 marks the El Paso Locomotives' first season in the United Soccer League, which has proved to bring much pride and excitement from soccer fans in the area. Guillermo "Memo" Diaz is one of the few players to make this year's team and sign a pro contract in pursuit of his dream! Born in El Paso and raised in the area, Memo had quite the journey before being picked up by the Locomotives. As a matter of fact, soccer wasn't even his first choice...

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You can find Memo on instagram @md23_

Cheerleaders Hailey & Brooklyn

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Hailey Zink & Brooklyn Rodriguez joined us for this episode of Senior Spotlight! As they prepare to compete in the Cheer State Competition, they tell us about what it takes to be the best that they can be. These two made this podcast a fun listen as they tell us their most embarrassing moments, advice on being successful at the varsity level, and all of their favorite things!

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Strength Specialist Steve Mac

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In the fitness world - strength and conditioning specialist, Steve Mac, has done it all! From winning a Rugby World Cup - yeah, you read that right - to trying just about every workout technique known to man, Steve has impacted thousands of lives with a reach of over 100,000 Instagram followers! In this episode we discuss his incredible workout routines, coaching style, nutritional focus, experience as a world champion, and much more! Here’s a breakdown of this awesome podcast:

00:40 - Origins

5:20 - Most Common Gym Mistakes

9:20 - Coaching Style

11:30 - Personal Goals

15:00 - Winning A World Cup / Meeting Nelson Mandela

19:00 - Nutrition

And much more post-interview content!

Overtime Tom

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Overtime has officially taken the social media world by storm! 1,300,000+ followers and counting. This sports media page has definitely turned some heads, but who has been behind the scenes making sure the footage and relatable captions have hit your screen on a consistent basis? That’s where Tom Weingarten (AKA @OvertimeTom) comes in. As the official Head of Social Media, he posts the videos, stories, and incredible captions you see on a daily basis. Be sure to hear all about how he got one of the coolest jobs in the world and what it takes for him to stay on top!

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