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Hardball's Julian Griffith

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Julian Griffith saw great success as a first-time actor as Jefferson Albert Tibbs on the movie Hardball. He tells us all about how he landed that role, what it was like to work with Keanu Reeves and the friendships he made from the movie. After big success from the movie he chose to pursue baseball in real life! He played college baseball and went on to sign a few pro contracts. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss!

SWAT Operator Patrick Bryant

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Detective and SWAT Operator, Patrick Bryant, is a good friend of the show. As a Carlsbad native, Pat has played sports his whole life. Everything from football to swim, he has tried them all and used them as mental preparation for his profession. As a detective, he decided to transform his body and compete in a body building competition. Hear all about his experiences, video game sponsorships, and much more!

Phillies' Draftee David Martinelli

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Baseball stud outfielder, David Martinelli, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2016 in the 6th round. He was well-known for his incredible bat and contegious positivity in the dugout. He hopped on the podcast to talk about his beginnings, baseball at Dallas Baptist, and what it was like to get drafted by the Phillies! David has since moved on from baseball and is now pursuing a career in business. Follow him: @DMartinelliJr

Cavemen LT Taylor Miterko

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Taylor Miterko, left tackle #75 for the Carlsbad Cavemen, has turned heads in his high school career. In fact, he was recruited by 24 Division I schools! Being highly recruited was a large product of hard work and dedication to football. Taylor officially chose Oklahoma State University to become home for his college football career. He shared his story with All Sports Best in an exclusive, in-studio interview! Be sure to check it out as we discuss his outstanding mustache, recruiting process, favorite things, and much more!

Adidas' Taylor Noyer

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Taylor Noyer is an Area Manager of Field Marketing with Adidas who has climbed the corporate ladder of the brand and is soon headed to LA to make waves! Taylor and Trey are friends from college (NM State) where they played baseball together. Since then, he has been on a roll and becoming a large part of the most stylish brand in sports! Be sure to hear this one - especially if you're an Adidas fan!

Shorthorn's Nasty N8 & TNT

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Shorthorn Little League from Carlsbad, NM made a deep run in the Southwest Regionals to make their hometown proud. We are happy to have had the chance to speak with Nate Hernandez and Tristin Thomas about their once in a lifetime experience! Both of these young athletes had a major impact on their team's offensive success. They break down what helped them to keep performing well, some of the fun they were able to have, and even their unpredictable popularity on TV and social media! Don't miss this.

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Bill Rom of Superior Athletics

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Bill Rom is the Head Trainer and Owner of Superior Athetics in Farmingdale, NY and has worked with countless athletes to realize their biggest goals! We're excited for you to learn from him on strength, conditioning, and nutrition on this episode. He tells us about some of his experiences as a strength coach and the relationships he has been able to form from his profession. Plus, he tells us which workout he would choose if he had no other choice - you've gotta hear this.

Elizabethton Twins' Austin Schulfer

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Austin Schulfer was drafted in the 19th round to the Minnesota Twins out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! He is currently in his first year as a professional athlete and he took the time out of his busy baseball schedule to chat with us about his experience in the minor leagues so far. He tells us about the grind he put himself on to make it this far, how his fastball jumped up in velocity in a two-week span, and what he does on his off time! Austin gives us plenty of insight on his endorsement with Detached Co. and tells us about some of his personal favorites. Be sure to check this one out!

Shorthorn All-Stars Mack & Jeremyah

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The Shorthorn All-Stars were able to get through three separate playoff tournaments with only one loss to reach the Little League Southwest Regional Tournament in Waco, TX. This tournament has not been reached with any team from Carlsbad for 12 years! We are excited to welcome Mack Mabrey and Jeremyah Dominguez onto the show as they tell us what they have done to prepare for the biggest stage and some of the things they like to do to have fun! 

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Former Team USA Catcher Chelsea Bramlett

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We are super excited to bring you an episode with our first Olympic-level athlete! Chelsea Bramlett was inducted into the Mississippi State University Hall of Fame in 2016. She was a member of Team USA in 2010 and 2011. Chelsea played a vital role in the USA's gold medal placing in Valenzuela at the Women's Softball World Cup and has since played a large role in her family company - B-Ram Sports! We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Pro Gamer Willie Fresco

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Professional gaming is not all fun and games! Professional Gamer, Will O'Garra AKA Willie Fresco, tells us all about his experience as a gamer, the hard work he puts in to being the best, and some of the events that he has been able to compete in.  Though fighting is his strongest game niche, his twitch account includes shooting games and more. Be sure to hear all about how he went viral on a rage just a few years back!

Jeff Rubin of SportsMe

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Jeff Rubin is the CEO and Co-Founder of SportsMe. SportsMe is a revolutionary sports app that gives fans a chance to voice their opinions and thoughts about their favorite sports, teams, players, and topics in general! Jeff tells us all about how he came up with the idea, why he's the best challenger in the app, and how bright the future looks for people who sign up! 

Plus, he gives away a New Era hat to anyone who tags the podcast in the app and beats him in a battle! DO IT.

Hickory Crawdads' Kole Enright

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Kole Enright was drafted to the Texas Rangers in the 3rd round out of high school in 2016. He currently plays for the Hickory Crawdads and was kind enough to join us on this episode of the podcast! He discusses his sports history, the struggle he went through after having a Division 1 college drop his scholarship, and what it's like playing minor league ball. Kole joined us for a round of rapid fire and much more insight on what it's like to grind it out in MiLB!

New MLB Contests & Dyllan's Skills

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On this episode, the guys give their suggestions for the MLB All-Star Break and how to get fans more excited about a break from the regular season. Trey gives a twist on how prizes can be awarded to fans, Ruben shows his love for charity, and Dyllan tells us all about his skillset in all things sports...

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Mike Miranda of The Baseball Club

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We were glad to have Mike Miranda from TBC in Miami, FL join the podcast! Mike has had a large influence on the baseball community, not only in Florida, but around the world. He tells us about how he got started and how one of their key brand products flew off of the shelves in the early stages of this social media growth. He also tells us about some of the plans he has for the shop - including a pop-up shop at the MLB Hall of Fame...

Make sure to follow The Baseball Club on social media. Plus, don't forget to listen to find out how to win a new TBC hat!

Dback Days' Frank Benavidez

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From raising money for great causes to giving away jerseys and D-Backs gear, Frank Benavidez has done great things for his community! In this episode we discuss how he got started on Instagram with @DbackDays and what it takes to be a successful team account. Frank tells us how he was able to throw out the first pitch, some of the best parts of his Diamondback community, and what he thinks about this season so far... Plus we do a giveaway together, but you have to hear the key word!

Ex-NFL Player Trevor Coston

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Lions and Bears, oh my! Trevor Coston made the rosters for both teams in his NFL career. We had a great time discussing his origins, work ethic, NFL experiences, and former teammates! Trevor now spends his time giving back by training and mentoring kids in Long Island, NY. This episode is a must hear, especially if you're a shoe fan!

Big thanks to Melissa Colleary for helping us connect with Trevor for this interview!

Lauren Taylor Illustrations

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Lauren Taylor ( was kind enough to take an interview with us to discuss her recent success with the work she has done for professional athletes. She has made art pieces for MLB players including Joe Kelly, Jackie Bradley Jr., Dee Gordon, Mookie Betts, Nelson Cruz, and more. In this discussion, Lauren tells us all about where she got started, why she loves sports, what inspired her artwork, and the causes she works hard for! Plus, her dream might soon be realized with a company she'd love to work with...