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Cavegirl Jenny Munro

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Experience, knowledge, and skill - Jenny Munro has been starting for the Cavegirl Softball team since she was a freshman! It's no wonder she is a large part of this year's team leadership. As the Cavegirls gear up for their final few weeks of the year, Jenny sat down with ASB to discuss her year, some of her favorites, and what the future might hold. Don't miss out!

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Why Did Magic Quit?

BasketballTrey GonsalezComment

Magic Johnson announced on Wednesday that he has stepped down as the Lakers' President of Basketball Operations. Why did he quit? What's next for the Lakers? Is the coaching staff going to stick around? 

Find out what we think on this week's 13-minute original episode of All Sports Best!

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El Paso Locomotive FC's Memo Diaz

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2019 marks the El Paso Locomotives' first season in the United Soccer League, which has proved to bring much pride and excitement from soccer fans in the area. Guillermo "Memo" Diaz is one of the few players to make this year's team and sign a pro contract in pursuit of his dream! Born in El Paso and raised in the area, Memo had quite the journey before being picked up by the Locomotives. As a matter of fact, soccer wasn't even his first choice...

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Cheerleaders Hailey & Brooklyn

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Hailey Zink & Brooklyn Rodriguez joined us for this episode of Senior Spotlight! As they prepare to compete in the Cheer State Competition, they tell us about what it takes to be the best that they can be. These two made this podcast a fun listen as they tell us their most embarrassing moments, advice on being successful at the varsity level, and all of their favorite things!

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Strength Specialist Steve Mac

RugbyTrey GonsalezComment

In the fitness world - strength and conditioning specialist, Steve Mac, has done it all! From winning a Rugby World Cup - yeah, you read that right - to trying just about every workout technique known to man, Steve has impacted thousands of lives with a reach of over 100,000 Instagram followers! In this episode we discuss his incredible workout routines, coaching style, nutritional focus, experience as a world champion, and much more! Here’s a breakdown of this awesome podcast:

00:40 - Origins

5:20 - Most Common Gym Mistakes

9:20 - Coaching Style

11:30 - Personal Goals

15:00 - Winning A World Cup / Meeting Nelson Mandela

19:00 - Nutrition

And much more post-interview content!

Overtime Tom

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Overtime has officially taken the social media world by storm! 1,300,000+ followers and counting. This sports media page has definitely turned some heads, but who has been behind the scenes making sure the footage and relatable captions have hit your screen on a consistent basis? That’s where Tom Weingarten (AKA @OvertimeTom) comes in. As the official Head of Social Media, he posts the videos, stories, and incredible captions you see on a daily basis. Be sure to hear all about how he got one of the coolest jobs in the world and what it takes for him to stay on top!

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Original: Mike Tyson Throws Hands

BoxingTrey GonsalezComment

Mike Tyson is 52 years old and can throw punches that most men can only dream of. The guys talk about what not to do when seeing Mike at the bar, what it would take to last in the ring with him, and who's the toughest of the three...

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Baseballogist Pt. 2

BaseballTrey Gonsalez
Baseballogist (Right) pictured with former guest, Josh Shapiro of Baseball Lifestyle 101.

Baseballogist (Right) pictured with former guest, Josh Shapiro of Baseball Lifestyle 101.

Mentor, coach, social media influencer, and YouTuber, Baseballogist does it all! As a matter of fact, he considers himself to be the world’s first “Professional Baseball Fan.” He has had countless encounters with some of baseball’s best and represents the brands that he trusts the most. The coolest part of it all is that he connects with followers and players on a personal level. If you want to know more about one of baseball’s most genuine influencers, you’ve got to hear this one!

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Strideline's Bart Szaniewski

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Bart s.jpg

Strideline’s Vice President of Marketing and Head of Brand, Bart Szaniewski, was kind enough to hop onto the podcast with us to discuss the crazy origin of Strideline socks and how they have been able to evolve into a very prominent comfort sock company. With names like Marshawn Lynch, CJ McCollum, and Saquon Barkley representing their brand, their main challenge is keeping their products stocked! Be sure to tune into this week’s podcast to find out more about the brand and their upcoming plans to land on more feet!

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Trey & Dyllan's Hype Playlist

SportsTrey Gonsalez
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Getting ready for battle on the field or court with your team has to include listening to some pump-up music! We want to bring you a few songs to add to your playlist if you haven't already. Please let us know who you think won the Top 3 Hype List - Dyllan or Trey?!

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Cavemen Baseball's Mason Estrada

BaseballTrey GonsalezComment

Catcher, Mason Estrada, joined us for this week's Student Spotlight. Mason has been starting for the varsity squad since he was a freshman and has played like an upperclassman since the beginning. He surrounds himself with a good crowd and displays good character on and off of the field. He has had the chance to be around the game he loves since he was just able to walk and has committed to playing at the next level with Lubbock Christian University! Be sure to check this one out to hear about what he hopes his team can do this year and the goals he has set for himself!

Cavemen/Stanford Legend Brian Hall

BaseballTrey GonsalezComment

Brian Hall is known all over the country for the many things he was able to accomplish in his incredible baseball career. He broke school records in his hometown (including a .647 BA), was named to several All-American lists, and picked as Player of the Year by multiple organizations. He went on to do amazing work as one of the most versatile players in Stanford Cardinal history (1B, 3B, LF, CF, RF, & DH) and was able to compete in the College World Series three times in his four-year college career (with great players like Sam Fuld, Carlos Quentin, and Johnny Ash). After putting up numbers, yet again in college, he was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays where he finished off his career in Minor League Baseball. This episode is a must listen!

Oregon State Commit Gavin Turley

BaseballTrey GonsalezComment

Gavin Turley has been lighting up baseballs like a pro since the 7th grade! He is a 3x Power Showcase Colossus of Clout winner, who just keeps finding ways to put insane distance on the ball year-in and year-out. Entering his freshman year at Wasatch High School, he will be looking to become a big asset at an early age. Though he lives in Utah, he's managed to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to keep his bad extremely hot. You won't want to miss his incredible story!

Alpine Climber Jess Roskelley

Extreme SportsTrey Gonsalez2 Comments
jess ro.jpg

At 20 years old, Jess Roskelley became the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Since that point, he has trained endlessly to become one of the most well-known alpine climbers of this era. Ice climbing, hiking, rock climbing, and making your own path has all been apart of Jess' journey to being a North Face athlete with sponsors for every piece of gear he owns. Be sure to check out this episode for the most dangerous sport we've ever had the chance to hear about!

Pro 1st Baseman Gavin Garay

BaseballTrey Gonsalez1 Comment

In this episode, Gavin Garay tells us all about his incredible baseball story. From switching college programs to getting his mental game right, he has made a lot of crucial decisions to get to where he is today. Garay isn’t just your everyday athlete, he used a chunk of his baseball money to fund and found his business: Elevate Clothing Company! Be sure to listen in on this one as we explore his life on and off of the field.

Pro Pitcher Tim Dillard

BaseballTrey GonsalezComment

Professional pitcher (newly) in the Texas Rangers organization, Tim Dillard, has seen it all in pro ball. He was drafted in 2001 by the Milwaukee Brewers and made his major league debut in 2008. In his 18 year career, he has had the chance to become a big Brewer fan favorite with his great humor, social media following, and talent. After signing with the Rangers in the offseason, he will have the opportunity to play at home in Nashville for the Sounds, where he has the record for wins and innings pitched!

This one is a must hear! If you want more Tim Dillard content, check out the Show & Go Podcast!

Coach Tim Springer

BasketballTrey GonsalezComment

Personal Development Coach, Tim Springer, has been around basketball for as long as he can remember. He has had the chance to work with age groups ranging from young elementary students to NBA studs like Danny Green. After chasing his dream as a professional athlete, he decided to give back to ballers in a big way. This podcast will give athletes good insight on a successful mindset.

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