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Dback Days' Frank Benavidez

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From raising money for great causes to giving away jerseys and D-Backs gear, Frank Benavidez has done great things for his community! In this episode we discuss how he got started on Instagram with @DbackDays and what it takes to be a successful team account. Frank tells us how he was able to throw out the first pitch, some of the best parts of his Diamondback community, and what he thinks about this season so far... Plus we do a giveaway together, but you have to hear the key word!

Ex-NFL Player Trevor Coston

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Lions and Bears, oh my! Trevor Coston made the rosters for both teams in his NFL career. We had a great time discussing his origins, work ethic, NFL experiences, and former teammates! Trevor now spends his time giving back by training and mentoring kids in Long Island, NY. This episode is a must hear, especially if you're a shoe fan!

Big thanks to Melissa Colleary for helping us connect with Trevor for this interview!

Lauren Taylor Illustrations

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Lauren Taylor ( was kind enough to take an interview with us to discuss her recent success with the work she has done for professional athletes. She has made art pieces for MLB players including Joe Kelly, Jackie Bradley Jr., Dee Gordon, Mookie Betts, Nelson Cruz, and more. In this discussion, Lauren tells us all about where she got started, why she loves sports, what inspired her artwork, and the causes she works hard for! Plus, her dream might soon be realized with a company she'd love to work with...

Melissa Colleary of Softball Lifestyle 101

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Melissa Colleary has a passion for all things softball. She was given the keys to Softball Lifestyle 101 with a small follow count and has grown her community to over 130,000 people.  Melissa joined us to tell us how she has become so experienced in the social media world, her most interesting DMs, how professional softball can gain popularity, and much more! Plus, great advice for young softball girls!

The Future of the NBA Draftees

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The ASB crew broke down their thoughts on five of the most widely publisized players of this year's NBA Draft! They put DeAndre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Michael Porter Jr., Trae Young, and Marvin Bagley III up against each other to decide on which of them will be a Hall of Famer, bust, 10-year starter, Rookie of the Year, and 6th man. What do you think will happen with these top NBA prospects..? Do they success or will they all be notable NBA flops...?

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UTEP Athletic Director Jim Senter

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Recently appointed University of Texas at El Paso athletic director, Jim Senter, hopped on the podcast with Danny and Trey. It is a very insightful interview that covers much ground on the hats an AD wears, marketing teams to fans, and his bit of advice for incoming athletes.  He also gives us his point of view on the controversial discussion of collelges not paying players, plus a look from a college coach's lenses on potential recruits.

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Mental Conditioning Coach Riley Tincher

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Author, Speaker, and Mental Conditioning Coach, Riley Tincher, joined us to speak about his decision to share his message with more and more athletes. He published his book titled "Pitching Against Myself," which is now available. In this interview we discuss his struggles with baseball at an early age, the difficulty of leaving the sport, his newly released podcast, and so much more! Riley is also available to speak to teams or one-on-one coaching.

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Alan Brockway of KyroFit Sport

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We are happy to release our interview with Kryofit Sport founder, Alan Brockway! His company, based out of New Jersey, has taken on a new way to boost performance and endurance in sports through an innovative cooling method. In this interview, he tells us all about what his products do, which ones are right for you, and where he plans to take his company from here. Make sure to hear this one, before it becomes your next in-store purchase!

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Baseball Lifestyle 101's Josh Shapiro

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Baseball Lifestyle 101 has had a big influence on the sport itself - via social media, tips, merchandise, and more! They have over 515,000 Instagram followers and 36,000 Twitter followers. We wanted to know how founder, Josh Shapiro, got it all started and how they continue to grow! Josh has had a few big moments with his brand including a behind-the-scenes trip to a well-known broadcasting studio, a popular bat company, and a chance to befriend many MLB players! We're happy to bring you this podcast as it is filled with fun stories, a game, and incredible advice!

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Eddie Morelos of the Sun Bowl

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The Sun Bowl Game is one of the oldest and most popular college football matchups every postseason, but that's not all they do! Friend of the show, Eddie Morelos, is the Director of Media Relations for the Sun Bowl Association in El Paso, TX. On this episode, we discuss the soccer tournament the Sun Bowl is putting on for the youth of Texas and surrounding areas, a couple of Eddie's most memorable moments at the Sun Bowl, the perks of playing in the Sun Bowl Game, and much more!

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