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Plate Crate's Josh Band

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Josh Band founded Plate Crate to fill a void in the subscription box industry and soon realized how strong the baseball community is! As a former ballplayer, he wanted to give players something to look forward to every month. One of the best things about Plate Crate is their ability to connect with the sport itself in a big way. Now that their crates have began featuring themes, they will keep you guessing on what's next.

Give this episode a listen for some fun content and an outstanding human being!

Pro Pitcher Mike Pascoe

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Mike Pascoe is a professional pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Believe it or not, he didn’t always have a love for the sport (quite the opposite, actually). Mike tells us all about his journey to being drafted out of San Jacinto College and pursuing his dream to play in the big leagues. At 5’8”, Pascoe can really bring the heat with a 97 mph fastball and a mix of offspeed pitches. Be on the lookout for him in the coming years!

Phillies' Draftee David Martinelli

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Baseball stud outfielder, David Martinelli, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2016 in the 6th round. He was well-known for his incredible bat and contegious positivity in the dugout. He hopped on the podcast to talk about his beginnings, baseball at Dallas Baptist, and what it was like to get drafted by the Phillies! David has since moved on from baseball and is now pursuing a career in business. Follow him: @DMartinelliJr

Shorthorn's Nasty N8 & TNT

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Shorthorn Little League from Carlsbad, NM made a deep run in the Southwest Regionals to make their hometown proud. We are happy to have had the chance to speak with Nate Hernandez and Tristin Thomas about their once in a lifetime experience! Both of these young athletes had a major impact on their team's offensive success. They break down what helped them to keep performing well, some of the fun they were able to have, and even their unpredictable popularity on TV and social media! Don't miss this.

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New MLB Contests & Dyllan's Skills

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On this episode, the guys give their suggestions for the MLB All-Star Break and how to get fans more excited about a break from the regular season. Trey gives a twist on how prizes can be awarded to fans, Ruben shows his love for charity, and Dyllan tells us all about his skillset in all things sports...

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Mike Miranda of The Baseball Club

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We were glad to have Mike Miranda from TBC in Miami, FL join the podcast! Mike has had a large influence on the baseball community, not only in Florida, but around the world. He tells us about how he got started and how one of their key brand products flew off of the shelves in the early stages of this social media growth. He also tells us about some of the plans he has for the shop - including a pop-up shop at the MLB Hall of Fame...

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