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Pro 1st Baseman Gavin Garay

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In this episode, Gavin Garay tells us all about his incredible baseball story. From switching college programs to getting his mental game right, he has made a lot of crucial decisions to get to where he is today. Garay isn’t just your everyday athlete, he used a chunk of his baseball money to fund and found his business: Elevate Clothing Company! Be sure to listen in on this one as we explore his life on and off of the field.

Pro Pitcher Tim Dillard

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Professional pitcher (newly) in the Texas Rangers organization, Tim Dillard, has seen it all in pro ball. He was drafted in 2001 by the Milwaukee Brewers and made his major league debut in 2008. In his 18 year career, he has had the chance to become a big Brewer fan favorite with his great humor, social media following, and talent. After signing with the Rangers in the offseason, he will have the opportunity to play at home in Nashville for the Sounds, where he has the record for wins and innings pitched!

This one is a must hear! If you want more Tim Dillard content, check out the Show & Go Podcast!

Pro Pitcher Mike Pascoe

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Mike Pascoe is a professional pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Believe it or not, he didn’t always have a love for the sport (quite the opposite, actually). Mike tells us all about his journey to being drafted out of San Jacinto College and pursuing his dream to play in the big leagues. At 5’8”, Pascoe can really bring the heat with a 97 mph fastball and a mix of offspeed pitches. Be on the lookout for him in the coming years!

Player Coach George Carroll

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George Carroll is a former professional baseball player and current Position Player Coach in the Blue Jays' organization. We pick his brain about what it takes to really make it in pro ball, some tips for catchers on the way up (his primary position), and some of his best experiences on both sides of the ball. Grab a notepad and take in some great coaching knowledge in this week's ASB interview!

Elizabethton Twins' Austin Schulfer

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Austin Schulfer was drafted in the 19th round to the Minnesota Twins out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! He is currently in his first year as a professional athlete and he took the time out of his busy baseball schedule to chat with us about his experience in the minor leagues so far. He tells us about the grind he put himself on to make it this far, how his fastball jumped up in velocity in a two-week span, and what he does on his off time! Austin gives us plenty of insight on his endorsement with Detached Co. and tells us about some of his personal favorites. Be sure to check this one out!

Hickory Crawdads' Kole Enright

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Kole Enright was drafted to the Texas Rangers in the 3rd round out of high school in 2016. He currently plays for the Hickory Crawdads and was kind enough to join us on this episode of the podcast! He discusses his sports history, the struggle he went through after having a Division 1 college drop his scholarship, and what it's like playing minor league ball. Kole joined us for a round of rapid fire and much more insight on what it's like to grind it out in MiLB!