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Strength Specialist Steve Mac

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In the fitness world - strength and conditioning specialist, Steve Mac, has done it all! From winning a Rugby World Cup - yeah, you read that right - to trying just about every workout technique known to man, Steve has impacted thousands of lives with a reach of over 100,000 Instagram followers! In this episode we discuss his incredible workout routines, coaching style, nutritional focus, experience as a world champion, and much more! Here’s a breakdown of this awesome podcast:

00:40 - Origins

5:20 - Most Common Gym Mistakes

9:20 - Coaching Style

11:30 - Personal Goals

15:00 - Winning A World Cup / Meeting Nelson Mandela

19:00 - Nutrition

And much more post-interview content!

Bill Rom of Superior Athletics

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Bill Rom is the Head Trainer and Owner of Superior Athetics in Farmingdale, NY and has worked with countless athletes to realize their biggest goals! We're excited for you to learn from him on strength, conditioning, and nutrition on this episode. He tells us about some of his experiences as a strength coach and the relationships he has been able to form from his profession. Plus, he tells us which workout he would choose if he had no other choice - you've gotta hear this.