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ASB Follower Podcast

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#TeamASB dives into 7 questions we handpicked from our followers to answer on the show! We want to know what you think of our responses. Do you agree? Do you have a totally different take? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and we'll keep the conversation going. 

Big thanks to the followers that were selected: @anthony_armstrong_34 @abihowell_9 @mak_hand08 @kyle.s.martin @lexi.s522 @gavin_nies @sara.ali_74

Gameday Food Battle

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Here's the scenario: You're at home getting ready to watch a big game with a few of your closest friends. What 3 foods are you gonna have ready to take down as the game happens? 

Trey and Ruben go head to head to pick up their top picks. We want to know what you think - who had the better list?

Episode sponsors include: Albertsons Market, Constructors Inc, Fashion Eyeworks, Kaleidoscoops, & Bowen Insurance.

What’s Next for KD & Kyrie / Tyronn Lue Makes A Bad Life Choice / MLB Needs More Fun / Our Kentucky Derby Experience

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0:00 - 28:00 NBA Talk with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Tyronn Lue

28:00 - 41:00 How the MLB can spruce up their fanbase.

41:00 - 51:00 What we imagine our Kentucky Derby experience to be like...

We're pumped to bring you our latest podcast original! When we get a chance to throw it down in the studio, it is a blast. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it! Yes, Trey & Ruben are related but hardly agree - which side are you on...?

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PG Sports' Paul Guarino

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PG Sports has been doing big things! From keeping followers entertained to a professionally made podcast to some incredible merchandise, Paul Guarino really packs a punch. In this episode we cover all things PG Sports, Average to Savage Podcast, and dip into his background as an entrepreneur. Paul gives us some insight on the support and not-so-supportive feedback he has gotten over the years to help push him to accomplish what he has done so far.

Cheerleaders Hailey & Brooklyn

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Hailey Zink & Brooklyn Rodriguez joined us for this episode of Senior Spotlight! As they prepare to compete in the Cheer State Competition, they tell us about what it takes to be the best that they can be. These two made this podcast a fun listen as they tell us their most embarrassing moments, advice on being successful at the varsity level, and all of their favorite things!

This podcast was sponsored by Albertsons Market, Fashion Eyeworks, Constructors Inc, Kaleidoscoops, and Bowen Insurance!

Overtime Tom

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Overtime has officially taken the social media world by storm! 1,300,000+ followers and counting. This sports media page has definitely turned some heads, but who has been behind the scenes making sure the footage and relatable captions have hit your screen on a consistent basis? That’s where Tom Weingarten (AKA @OvertimeTom) comes in. As the official Head of Social Media, he posts the videos, stories, and incredible captions you see on a daily basis. Be sure to hear all about how he got one of the coolest jobs in the world and what it takes for him to stay on top!

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Strideline's Bart Szaniewski

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Strideline’s Vice President of Marketing and Head of Brand, Bart Szaniewski, was kind enough to hop onto the podcast with us to discuss the crazy origin of Strideline socks and how they have been able to evolve into a very prominent comfort sock company. With names like Marshawn Lynch, CJ McCollum, and Saquon Barkley representing their brand, their main challenge is keeping their products stocked! Be sure to tune into this week’s podcast to find out more about the brand and their upcoming plans to land on more feet!

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Trey & Dyllan's Hype Playlist

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Getting ready for battle on the field or court with your team has to include listening to some pump-up music! We want to bring you a few songs to add to your playlist if you haven't already. Please let us know who you think won the Top 3 Hype List - Dyllan or Trey?!

This podcast is brought to you by Albertsons Market, Fashion Eyeworks, Constructors Inc, Kaleidoscoops, and Bowen Insurance!

*We do not own the rights to any of the playlist songs*

Pro Spikeballer Chris Hornacek

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After playing volleyball through high school and college, Chris Hornacek decided to pursue a professional career in Spikeball. Since then, he has traveled all over the USA to compete in sponsored tournaments and events. Heading into 2019, Chris has plans to make the sport bigger than ever and we had the chance to speak with him on where his sights are set. Be sure to check out the first podcast of 2019!

Boxing & B-Ball With Gordo Rubio

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In this episode Gordo Rubio joins us to discuss a few of his experiences in Las Vegas during a couple of the most notable fights in recent history! He tells us who he roots for and what it's like to be friends with Hall of Fame boxer, Roy Jones Jr. We also get into basketball and the changes that need to be made for the Lakers to evolve into a contender and Duke's path to a National Championship!

Spencer Oshman of Overtime

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Spence is picture above (right) alongside Lavar Ball.

Spence is picture above (right) alongside Lavar Ball.

Overtime just reached ONE MILLION followers on Instagram and isn't showing any signs of slowing up! Spencer Oshman, a content manager for the company, was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about his experiences with Overtime, his former job with Bleacher Report, and where he sees himself going next! Plus, he gives a little bit of information on what's to come for the brand and some of the big name athletes he has worked with! You won't want to miss it!

Cleveland Sports with McNeil

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Do you remember when the Cleveland Browns went 0-16? Of course you do, because it was just last year! Chris McNeil joins us on the show to discuss how he was able to set up the "Perfect Season" parade for them and raise money for a good cause. He also tells us about what the atmosphere in Cleveland is like surrounding their 3 major sports! Plus, how he got verified on twitter and loves sports humor more than you.

Check it out!

LC Sun-News' Mark Rudi

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This week the Cavemen look to face off against the undefeated Centennial Hawks in Las Cruces. Mark Rudi, sports reporter for the Las Cruces Sun News, was kind enough to join us for a quick rundown and prediction for Friday’s game. Mark heavily follows the NM State basketball team as well, so we get an update on their preseason mesh and what to expect in this year’s season.


Hardball's Julian Griffith

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Julian Griffith saw great success as a first-time actor as Jefferson Albert Tibbs on the movie Hardball. He tells us all about how he landed that role, what it was like to work with Keanu Reeves and the friendships he made from the movie. After big success from the movie he chose to pursue baseball in real life! He played college baseball and went on to sign a few pro contracts. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss!

SWAT Operator Patrick Bryant

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Detective and SWAT Operator, Patrick Bryant, is a good friend of the show. As a Carlsbad native, Pat has played sports his whole life. Everything from football to swim, he has tried them all and used them as mental preparation for his profession. As a detective, he decided to transform his body and compete in a body building competition. Hear all about his experiences, video game sponsorships, and much more!

Adidas' Taylor Noyer

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Taylor Noyer is an Area Manager of Field Marketing with Adidas who has climbed the corporate ladder of the brand and is soon headed to LA to make waves! Taylor and Trey are friends from college (NM State) where they played baseball together. Since then, he has been on a roll and becoming a large part of the most stylish brand in sports! Be sure to hear this one - especially if you're an Adidas fan!

Bill Rom of Superior Athletics

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Bill Rom is the Head Trainer and Owner of Superior Athetics in Farmingdale, NY and has worked with countless athletes to realize their biggest goals! We're excited for you to learn from him on strength, conditioning, and nutrition on this episode. He tells us about some of his experiences as a strength coach and the relationships he has been able to form from his profession. Plus, he tells us which workout he would choose if he had no other choice - you've gotta hear this.

Jeff Rubin of SportsMe

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Jeff Rubin is the CEO and Co-Founder of SportsMe. SportsMe is a revolutionary sports app that gives fans a chance to voice their opinions and thoughts about their favorite sports, teams, players, and topics in general! Jeff tells us all about how he came up with the idea, why he's the best challenger in the app, and how bright the future looks for people who sign up! 

Plus, he gives away a New Era hat to anyone who tags the podcast in the app and beats him in a battle! DO IT.