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Dodgers' Ross Stripling & The Big Swing's Cooper Surles

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We're happy to bring you the latest episode featuring The Big Swing podcast hosts Ross Stripling & Cooper Surles! We dive into how the podcast got started, what it's like to pitch for the LA Dodgers, wedding planning with just a few days to go, and much more! This is an episode you won't want to miss!

Both of these guys have a ton of chemistry on their show and you can feel that on this episode. Be sure to share with a Dodger fan for some added behind the camera information you won't get anywhere else!

Pro Pitcher Tim Dillard

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Professional pitcher (newly) in the Texas Rangers organization, Tim Dillard, has seen it all in pro ball. He was drafted in 2001 by the Milwaukee Brewers and made his major league debut in 2008. In his 18 year career, he has had the chance to become a big Brewer fan favorite with his great humor, social media following, and talent. After signing with the Rangers in the offseason, he will have the opportunity to play at home in Nashville for the Sounds, where he has the record for wins and innings pitched!

This one is a must hear! If you want more Tim Dillard content, check out the Show & Go Podcast!

Pro Pitcher Mike Pascoe

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Mike Pascoe is a professional pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Believe it or not, he didn’t always have a love for the sport (quite the opposite, actually). Mike tells us all about his journey to being drafted out of San Jacinto College and pursuing his dream to play in the big leagues. At 5’8”, Pascoe can really bring the heat with a 97 mph fastball and a mix of offspeed pitches. Be on the lookout for him in the coming years!

New MLB Contests & Dyllan's Skills

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On this episode, the guys give their suggestions for the MLB All-Star Break and how to get fans more excited about a break from the regular season. Trey gives a twist on how prizes can be awarded to fans, Ruben shows his love for charity, and Dyllan tells us all about his skillset in all things sports...

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Dback Days' Frank Benavidez

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From raising money for great causes to giving away jerseys and D-Backs gear, Frank Benavidez has done great things for his community! In this episode we discuss how he got started on Instagram with @DbackDays and what it takes to be a successful team account. Frank tells us how he was able to throw out the first pitch, some of the best parts of his Diamondback community, and what he thinks about this season so far... Plus we do a giveaway together, but you have to hear the key word!

Lauren Taylor Illustrations

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Lauren Taylor ( was kind enough to take an interview with us to discuss her recent success with the work she has done for professional athletes. She has made art pieces for MLB players including Joe Kelly, Jackie Bradley Jr., Dee Gordon, Mookie Betts, Nelson Cruz, and more. In this discussion, Lauren tells us all about where she got started, why she loves sports, what inspired her artwork, and the causes she works hard for! Plus, her dream might soon be realized with a company she'd love to work with...

Baseball Lifestyle 101's Josh Shapiro

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Baseball Lifestyle 101 has had a big influence on the sport itself - via social media, tips, merchandise, and more! They have over 515,000 Instagram followers and 36,000 Twitter followers. We wanted to know how founder, Josh Shapiro, got it all started and how they continue to grow! Josh has had a few big moments with his brand including a behind-the-scenes trip to a well-known broadcasting studio, a popular bat company, and a chance to befriend many MLB players! We're happy to bring you this podcast as it is filled with fun stories, a game, and incredible advice!

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