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Jacob Barnor's Going For A World Record

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"The Football Wanderer" is taking a shot at a football fan's dream of a world record. He is attempting to see a full game in all 32 NFL stadiums in just 84 days! I mean, who wouldn't want to be in his shoes?? He tells us all about Guiness's rules and regulations for properly completing a world record, the difference between American sports and European sports, and the most expensive ticket on his trip. Be sure to check in on this incredible story!

Caveman Football's Nate & Jevin

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Senior running backs, Nate Najar & Jevin Valdez, have worked hard to prepare for their final season. After starting the season 1-1, they hope to have a strong season with a variety of offensive weapons. They tell us all about what they find most important in the weight room, where they plan to go after high school, some favorites, and much more. Be sure to tune in for this episode of Student Spotlight!

Sun Bowl's Eddie Morelos

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Media Relations Director, Eddie Morelos, joined us for the second time this year to discuss the upcoming Sun Bowl (Stanford vs Pitt) hosted in El Paso, TX! He tells us all about the Sun Bowl's reputation for being a blast with a great home-city atmosphere. His job includes preparation for the media, making sure the teams feel comfortable with the press, and setting up media events. Be sure to listen in on this one and let us know if you plan to attend the Sun Bowl - we can meet up!

Cavemen RB Tate Collins

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Tate Collins has done a great job running the ball for the Carlsbad Cavemen. As they look to clinch a playoff spot in the final week of the season, Tate stopped in to discuss journey to becoming the leading carrier on his team. He also tells us about his future options, his hopes for baseball, and some of his favorite things to do outside of sports and school! Don't forget to tune in for this one.

Cavemen Football's Trey Castenada

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When it comes to doing it all, no one does it quite like Trey Castenada. In just his 2nd year of high school football, (first since his freshman year) he has become the team’s very own utility man. He has taken on the role of safety, receiver, running back, kick returner, and punter! In this episode, Trey tells us all about his football experience, what he looks forward to in baseball, and his answers to Rapid Fire!

Cavemen LT Taylor Miterko

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Taylor Miterko, left tackle #75 for the Carlsbad Cavemen, has turned heads in his high school career. In fact, he was recruited by 24 Division I schools! Being highly recruited was a large product of hard work and dedication to football. Taylor officially chose Oklahoma State University to become home for his college football career. He shared his story with All Sports Best in an exclusive, in-studio interview! Be sure to check it out as we discuss his outstanding mustache, recruiting process, favorite things, and much more!

Ex-NFL Player Trevor Coston

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Lions and Bears, oh my! Trevor Coston made the rosters for both teams in his NFL career. We had a great time discussing his origins, work ethic, NFL experiences, and former teammates! Trevor now spends his time giving back by training and mentoring kids in Long Island, NY. This episode is a must hear, especially if you're a shoe fan!

Big thanks to Melissa Colleary for helping us connect with Trevor for this interview!

Eddie Morelos of the Sun Bowl

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The Sun Bowl Game is one of the oldest and most popular college football matchups every postseason, but that's not all they do! Friend of the show, Eddie Morelos, is the Director of Media Relations for the Sun Bowl Association in El Paso, TX. On this episode, we discuss the soccer tournament the Sun Bowl is putting on for the youth of Texas and surrounding areas, a couple of Eddie's most memorable moments at the Sun Bowl, the perks of playing in the Sun Bowl Game, and much more!

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