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NMSU Volleyball's Lia Mosher

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NMSU's middle blocker, Lia Mosher, has had her fair share of busy schedules. From school and volleyball to trying her hand at a second collegiate sport, Lia's experience is not your typical student-athlete story. She currently plays for a strong NM State volleyball team looking to do some real damage in 2019! Trey had a great time getting to learn more about her day-to-day, funny moment, and hidden talent that might surprise you!

Cavegirl Volleyball's Marissa & Alexa

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We were happy to have Cavegirls Marissa Reyes (libero) and Alexa Sowers (outside hitter) join us for this week's episode of All Sports Best! We discuss their training routines, team chemistry, and the other sports they play. Senior, Marissa Reyes, tells us a little bit about her future plans and Alexa tells us about a few funny moments! Don't miss this one - rapid fire is locked and loaded this week.