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Strength Specialist Steve Mac

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In the fitness world - strength and conditioning specialist, Steve Mac, has done it all! From winning a Rugby World Cup - yeah, you read that right - to trying just about every workout technique known to man, Steve has impacted thousands of lives with a reach of over 100,000 Instagram followers! In this episode we discuss his incredible workout routines, coaching style, nutritional focus, experience as a world champion, and much more! Here’s a breakdown of this awesome podcast:

00:40 - Origins

5:20 - Most Common Gym Mistakes

9:20 - Coaching Style

11:30 - Personal Goals

15:00 - Winning A World Cup / Meeting Nelson Mandela

19:00 - Nutrition

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Baseballogist Pt. 2

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Baseballogist (Right) pictured with former guest, Josh Shapiro of Baseball Lifestyle 101.

Baseballogist (Right) pictured with former guest, Josh Shapiro of Baseball Lifestyle 101.

Mentor, coach, social media influencer, and YouTuber, Baseballogist does it all! As a matter of fact, he considers himself to be the world’s first “Professional Baseball Fan.” He has had countless encounters with some of baseball’s best and represents the brands that he trusts the most. The coolest part of it all is that he connects with followers and players on a personal level. If you want to know more about one of baseball’s most genuine influencers, you’ve got to hear this one!

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Coach Tim Springer

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Personal Development Coach, Tim Springer, has been around basketball for as long as he can remember. He has had the chance to work with age groups ranging from young elementary students to NBA studs like Danny Green. After chasing his dream as a professional athlete, he decided to give back to ballers in a big way. This podcast will give athletes good insight on a successful mindset.

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Player Coach George Carroll

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George Carroll is a former professional baseball player and current Position Player Coach in the Blue Jays' organization. We pick his brain about what it takes to really make it in pro ball, some tips for catchers on the way up (his primary position), and some of his best experiences on both sides of the ball. Grab a notepad and take in some great coaching knowledge in this week's ASB interview!

Ex-NFL Player Trevor Coston

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Lions and Bears, oh my! Trevor Coston made the rosters for both teams in his NFL career. We had a great time discussing his origins, work ethic, NFL experiences, and former teammates! Trevor now spends his time giving back by training and mentoring kids in Long Island, NY. This episode is a must hear, especially if you're a shoe fan!

Big thanks to Melissa Colleary for helping us connect with Trevor for this interview!

Mental Conditioning Coach Riley Tincher

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Author, Speaker, and Mental Conditioning Coach, Riley Tincher, joined us to speak about his decision to share his message with more and more athletes. He published his book titled "Pitching Against Myself," which is now available. In this interview we discuss his struggles with baseball at an early age, the difficulty of leaving the sport, his newly released podcast, and so much more! Riley is also available to speak to teams or one-on-one coaching.

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